Three Things To Look For In A Yoga Studio


Practicing yoga has so many benefits, from increased flexibility to enhanced focus in your daily life. While you can certainly practice on your own or by following along with videos, it's always nice to visit a studio for some guided yoga classes. Doing so helps enhance your form, teach you new poses, and expose you to the community of yogis in your area. But all yoga studios are not created equal. Here are some tips for finding the best yoga studio for you:

Look For Certified Instructors

While there are certainly some yoga instructors who are uncertified yet very good at what they do, a certification helps ensure that the instructor is good at what they do. Not only do instructors learn how to perform various yoga poses, but they are also trained in how to guide classes and teach the poses effectively. You'll often get more out of a class led by a certified instructor than someone who does not have this education. A good certification to look for is the 200-YTT, which stands for 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training.

Make Sure the Atmosphere Speaks To You

Some people prefer to perform yoga in a very quiet, tranquil environment, while others might prefer some background white noise or even the busier atmosphere of a gym. Visit a few yoga studios in your area, and pay close attention to how the environment in each makes you feel. Choose a studio where you feel relaxed, yet motivated. If a certain space makes you feel on edge or anxious, that's not the studio for you.

Look For Flexibility In Fee Schedules

You may think you can manage to attend four classes a week right now, but when holidays come and you only make it to the studio once a week, you won't want to be overpaying. Make sure the studio you choose has a flexible fee schedule so if you need to cut back on your practice or even start attending more classes, you can do so affordably. A place that forces you to "lock in" a monthly fee for a year or more is not as good a choice as one that gives you up to a certain number of classes for a flat rate each month with no contract. 

If you can find a yoga studio with certified instructors, an atmosphere where you feel at ease, and a flexible fee schedule, sign up and get started! Contact a studio like Screaming Buddha for more information and assistance. 


25 August 2017

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