What to Look for in a Good Yoga Teacher Training Course


If you are thinking of beginning a career as a yoga teacher, or if you are already teaching and are looking for a way to further your career taking a yoga teacher training course is a good place to start. But while there are many different yoga teacher training classes to choose from, they are not all equal. Here are four things to look for in a good yoga teacher training program.

They teach methods—not just poses and yoga.

A training course is not meant to teach you just yoga poses and breathing exercises. Hopefully, if you are thinking of becoming a yoga teacher, you already have a pretty good grasp on these skills. A teaching course will help fill in any holes, but it should also teach you how to teach yoga. It should focus on strategies you can employ in the studio in order to get students to strive to do better, understand the poses they are doing, and improve their form. This will make you a more effective teacher, not just a better yogi.

They offer a certification.

A weekend class or week-long training program may not be bad, per say, but the best yoga teacher training programs are quite a bit longer and offer an official certification when you complete them. Some popular certifications, for instance, require 200 hours of training, some of which are in a classroom setting and others of white are hands-on, before they award you with a certificate. Having that certification will make it easier for you to prove to yoga studios and potential students that you really "know your stuff" and have learned to be an effective teacher. You can look up resources like YogaOne to learn more.

Openness to different methods.

There are so many different yoga methodologies and practices. It's perfectly okay to choose a teaching program that focuses on a specific method, such as Vinyasa or Ashtanga, but make sure the program is open to the idea of other methodologies rather than insisting that their approach is the only good one. As a teacher, you will encounter students with various backgrounds, and it's very important that you're able to accept their differences and draw on them.


Look around at the certifications that yoga teachers in your area have. If they are getting good jobs with those certifications, then you may want to strive to earn the same certification. If you come across a training program you're interested in, ask the directors where their students end up and how successful they end up being in their careers. You want a program that has good recognition in your area.


29 August 2017

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