How To Be Healthy Even If You Have A Desk Job


There are a lot of people who have to sit at a desk for most of their workday and therefore get very little exercise. If you are in this situation, then you might be pessimistic about your opportunities at getting into shape and being healthy. It's not as if you have a manual labor job where you will get lots of exercise during your daily routine. Sitting at a desk is not an ideal situation when it comes to health. However, there are many jobs where you need to be at a desk and computer, and it is simply not practical to move around. But that does not mean that you have to be unhealthy. You can certainly do a few things that will improve your health without having to quit your desk job and and take up a grueling manual labor job.

Consider A Standing Desk

A major change you can make right at your desk is to switch from sitting to standing. There are countless papers that detail the health benefits that come when you end up standing instead of sitting. What you can do is create a situation that will allow you to stand instead of sit. There are two different options you can choose. The first one is to get an accessory that you can put on the top of your desk. Then you place your monitor on the top of the raiser. This enables you to stand at your desk without having to go all out for a standing desk.

The other option is to get an actual standing desk. These are great if you have the room and your boss approves. You can raise the entire desk, not just the monitor. This will allow you to have easy access to everything on your desk without having to sit down. You can easily raise them up and down, so if you do need to sit because standing makes you tired, you can do so.

Eat Clean For Lunch

The next thing you can do is make sure you eat clean and don't binge on junk food. You never want to buy fast food, or subsist on snacks like cookies and candy. While it might be easy and available, it's not something which is healthy. Instead, you should focus on bringing in a healthy lunch, or at least finding a restaurant or local deli that has healthy options. Choose something such as a large salad without tons of dressing.

Take A Fitness Class Close To Work

Lastly, don't make excuses that you can't workout just because you have a desk job. Find a fitness class nearby your office. You can hit these after work and get in a nice session of cardio exercise. If you are tired at the end of the day, you might want to see if there are fitness classes offered in the morning. You could find a spinning class, or something such as a kickboxing class. 


30 June 2018

Improving the Quality of Your Life

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