Take Your Love Of Volleyball To The Pool For These Advantages


Volleyball typically takes place in gymnasiums and on beaches, which means that if you're interested in joining a local volleyball club, these two venues may immediately come to mind. Depending on where you live, there might be a third option to explore, however, and one that can be appealing to you for a number of reasons. Pool volleyball is popular among many people and is just as it sounds — it takes place in a swimming pool with a net strung from one side of the water to the other. If you're a volleyball enthusiast and have the chance to join a pool volleyball league, here are some reasons to try this experience. 

Extra Resistance

Playing volleyball in the water is more of a physical challenge than playing in a gym or on the beach because of the resistance that the water provides. Even if you're playing in the shallow end of the pool rather than the deep end, moving forward and backward and from side to side provides a good workout just because of the challenges of doing so. By the time that you've played a game of volleyball, you may feel considerably more fatigued than you would if you were playing on solid ground rather than in the water. The result can be faster muscle development and more calories burned.

No Joint Pain

Many people who deal with joint pain take to the water for their workouts, and even if your joints feel fine, you never want your athletic pursuits to harm them. One of the ways that volleyball can tax your body is from all of the jumping. Each jump impacts your lower body's joints, which can lead to discomfort over time. The water protects your joints from impact, even if you're jumping around while you play. Its buoyancy slows the rate at which you land after you jump, which can prevent pain.

Fun Moves

Another nice thing about playing volleyball in the pool instead of in the gym or on the beach is that you can try fun moves that you might not try in other environments. While diving is part of the game, you might feel past making a running dive and crashing to the gymnasium floor after bumping the ball. Because you're surrounded by water, you can have a lot of fun diving for the ball, only to land in the water with a huge splash. Volleyball is always a fun game, but you may find that you're laughing and having a better time than you might expect when you play in the pool.

Reach out to local leagues, such as girls volleyball clubs, to learn more.


12 April 2019

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