Fun And Fitness: Vacation Ideas That Will Get Your Heart Pumping


If you are living an active and healthy lifestyle and you are looking to take a vacation, then the perfect choice would be a vacation that combines exercise with fun. While some people have the idea that a vacation is meant for idle relaxation, that does not necessarily have to be the case. There are plenty of vacation choices that you can look into that will get your heart pumping. Below is a list of some of them, along with details about the type of exercise you are likely to enjoy. 

Yoga Retreats

If you are looking for a peaceful vacation but still want to engage in some intense exercise, then you should look into yoga retreats. These are wonderfully relaxing vacations where you stay at a facility and get to focus on yoga all day. There are really luxurious yoga retreats in exotic locales (think Costa Rica) as well as ones located all around the United States. The main thing you will want to do is look into the type of yoga that is being practiced. If your passion is hot yoga, make sure to pick a retreat that has heated rooms and instructors that design a course around that style. 

Additionally, you will want to look into the length of stay. Some yoga retreats, especially the ones located in the United States, are geared towards weekend getaways. If you are only looking to get away for the weekend, it's important that you rule out the week-long, intensive retreats. However, if you do want that all encompassing week-long getaway, then you can broaden your search to yoga retreats that are operated in the exotic locales. Contact companies like The Yoga Collective for more information.

Camping with Hiking 

Camping is another good choice if you want to get exercise on your vacation. You should look for a campsite that is located near hiking trails. This will allow you to experience the outdoors while getting in some healthy exercise. You can go online and look into booking a spot at one of the country's National Parks. If you like roughing it, you can bring a tent and camp out in the open; or, if you prefer a more indoor experience while camping, you should look for a location that offers cabins for rent. 

Cross-Country Ski Vacations For Cold Weather

In the cold weather, a perfect vacation to consider would be a cross-country ski trip. These are fun and you are also going to burn a lot of calories. Unlike downhill skiing, where the mountain's slope provides all of the momentum, with cross-country skiing you are going to have to put in a lot of physical effort, which is a great way to get exercise.


25 July 2019

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