Strength Equipment That Does Not Take Up A Lot Of Space


When you think about building a home gym, you might think about filling a large room with various benches and complicated weight machines. If you don't have a full room to dedicate to a gym and are short on space overall, this dream may seem unrealistic. However, there is actually a lot of strength training equipment that is small and compact and will fit in a tiny room. Here are a few of your top options.

Door Frame Pull-Up Bars

A pull-up bar that mounts across your door frame does not even take up any real space. You generally mount it high enough that you can easily walk under it so it does not even get in your way. Do invest in one that mounts to the actual door frame with brackets and screws. The type that is supposed to attach with suction does not always hold. And remember, you can do more than just pull-ups on a pull-up bar. You can hang from your legs and do ab curls, do a dead weight hang, and more.


Kettlebells are like solid, kettle-shaped weights with handles on the top. They're about the size of a bowling ball, and the lighter ones are even smaller. You can get quite a workout just picking them up and tossing them around in various ways. There are plenty of videos you can follow along with. You can easily stash kettlebells in a closet or on a shelf.

Resistance Bands

People often forget that resistance training is strength training. Yes, it is very different from lifting weights, but the goal is still to strengthen your muscles. You can buy a set of resistance bands that don't take up any more space than a t-shirt. Most even come in their own handy carrying bag so you can take them with you and work out while on vacation or staying with a friend.

A Yoga Ball

A yoga ball is another example of unconventional strength training equipment. It can sit in the corner when you're not using it, and you can even use it as your desk chair. While most people think of yoga balls as being for ab exercises, they can also be used for various back exercises and the like.

The strength training equipment above won't take up a whole room, even if you buy every item mentioned here. Buy yourself some equipment that is easy to store and then work on your fitness. Visit a local store to find strength equipment like these. 


20 November 2020

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