3 Full Body Exercises For Rheumatoid Arthritis


Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic inflammatory condition that can affect many joints in the body. It is often recommended that RA patients continue to incorporate some form of exercise into their daily life to reduce pain, retain muscle mass, and improve functional fitness. There are some exercises that are better than others for RA patients.

Water Exercises

There are several types of water exercises you can participate in. Both swimming and water aerobics are likely the most gentle form of exercise on tender joints because the water makes you weightless. The temperature of water can also make a difference in how your joints respond. Many people with RA find warmer water makes their joints feel better and less stiff. Although it is less common, some people with RA will feel like the cooler water decreases inflammation in their joints. If you want to start with any water exercises, start with swimming. When you swim, you use multiple joints to propel you through the water. As swimming becomes easier, you may want to begin water aerobics. One of the advantages of water aerobics is you can use weights to help you build strength in your muscles and soft tissues.

Stretching And Yoga

Both stretching and yoga have similarities because these exercises work to improve both stiffness and flexibility. You can start with simple stretching exercises by either performing them in a bed or a chair. It is recommended to perform some warm-up exercises before doing any stretching. This will help warm up your joints and reduce the risk of extra pain or injury. If you can, just walk around your home for a few minutes before starting your stretching routine. For people who must sit, they can start by extending their arms at their sides and making circles using the shoulder joint. They may also want to use their waist to move side to side. A lower-body exercise that can help you warm up is repeatedly extending your legs using the knee joint. If you want to take up yoga, look for videos or classes designed for people with physical limitations. This can include chair yoga or similar practices. It is not ideal to perform advanced yoga techniques that involve placing your full body weight on specific joints.

Stationary Bike

The stationary bike can be modified into a full-body exercise. In the beginning, you should just do a few minutes of warming up on the bike. If your joints respond favorably, you can add minutes to your routine. Many people increase the resistance on their bike to make peddling more challenging and to help build strength and stamina. To modify the stationary bike into a full-body exercise, you can use lightweight dumbbells to perform arm exercises. The benefits of the stationary bike extend beyond using your lower body. If you practice good posture and engage your core, it makes peddling more challenging and can help build core strength.

Although RA can be a painful and challenging disease to contend with, you should minimize its ability to make you completely inactive. Trying some gentle, full-body exercises that are low-impact on the joints is the best way to begin exercises while minimizing added joint inflammation. Reach out to a company like Cellular Health Innovations LLC. to discuss other full-body exercises. 


18 June 2021

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