Get Up And Get Out To Fight Depression And Anxiety


Some live with depression, some live with anxiety—some suffer through a combination of both. If you are one of the unfortunate to suffer from both anxiety and depression, you are probably wondering what you can do to help yourself through the hard days. Here, you'll find a few things that can help you dig your way out of the dark days of your mental demons. Join a Gym One thing that will help with both depression and anxiety is going to a gym and working out.

4 November 2019

Fun And Fitness: Vacation Ideas That Will Get Your Heart Pumping


If you are living an active and healthy lifestyle and you are looking to take a vacation, then the perfect choice would be a vacation that combines exercise with fun. While some people have the idea that a vacation is meant for idle relaxation, that does not necessarily have to be the case. There are plenty of vacation choices that you can look into that will get your heart pumping. Below is a list of some of them, along with details about the type of exercise you are likely to enjoy.

25 July 2019

Take Your Love Of Volleyball To The Pool For These Advantages


Volleyball typically takes place in gymnasiums and on beaches, which means that if you're interested in joining a local volleyball club, these two venues may immediately come to mind. Depending on where you live, there might be a third option to explore, however, and one that can be appealing to you for a number of reasons. Pool volleyball is popular among many people and is just as it sounds — it takes place in a swimming pool with a net strung from one side of the water to the other.

12 April 2019

3 Reasons Why Group Fitness Trumps Going It Alone


You may feel incredibly self-conscious about joining an exercise class, and you may think that doing exercise on your own is a better idea. However, people are more successful at getting into a routine exercise program when they join a group fitness training program. Here are some reasons why group fitness is far better than trying to exercise alone. 1. Everyone Else Is Self-Conscious Too Believe it or not, everyone else in that group fitness class is self-conscious about their weight too.

14 February 2019